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 As we welcome 2021  motivated with wishes, plans & hope;  Motivation: Return Responsibly healthy, happy  to the Salsa Dance Central weekly classes & dancing. Wish: For safe & happy return Plan: Doors will open to weekly classes & dancing together  .  Hope: To share start Dates Details,  dances 


Welcome to Salsa Dance Central 

Fun, Friendly, Fantastic  Salsa classes and Social Dancing.  

Are you looking for something new and exciting?

... Or maybe you want to add another night of dancing to your Salsa diary?

Learn Salsa and Dance in a friendly environment with an excellent, dedicated, professional teaching team.

Well structured Classes.

 Clear teaching methods 

+++++ Dedicated sessions "Learn 2 Turn & Win with Spins"!!!!!!!!!

and it's great FUN. .


…….But  that doesn't mean your journey has stopped. Virtual classes

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Salsa Dance Central

LEARN/ Develop New Skills   

    Build Confidence   

Increase Physical fitness


Meet new people

                 Exercise memory                       Good for Heart

Well-being Benefits

Be a part of a worldwide community                  


Professional teachers

Excellent, Professional Teaching team

 An approved teaching syllabus

All classes are fun and informative

All Instructors are happy to answer your questions, social dance with you & help you throughout your salsa journey

Top Quality Classes and Dancing

A great environment for learning, dancing and socialising.

Unintimidating atmosphere

Friendly helpful team

Great Salsa Music by Amazing DJs

Great DJ's on rotation and some guest DJ's too.

A  night designed with dancers in mind 

  For beginners - professionals alike to enjoy.

Great music to dance the night away to.


Marie and Paulo

  I have known Colleen for 10 years and she has become a dear friend. By teaching my husband and I Salsa she has given us so many happy moments: I will be forever grateful to her.... We both did not know Salsa and thanks to her impressive teaching skills and technique we ended up giving a surprise Salsa performance at our wedding in 2013. It was the highlight of our big day for us and our guests ! For my birthday last year she designed a superb routine and once again we gave a surprise Salsa performance that wowed our friends: we took so much joy in dancing for them. We continue to improve our Salsa skills every Sunday with her : lots of joy, laughs and Salsa moves !!! Thank you Colleen from the bottom of our heart.

Marie and Paulo LONDON (2018)

Paul Warden WCS


To dance:
The action of movement, to music, to ‘create’ an emotional response. I had the privilege to meet Colleen Thomas about 6 years ago ...... instantly I knew she was something special and is was inevitable that we would collaborate in some way. Although our time working together was brief it was hugely rewarding both personal and professional. And without question she was the driving force that inspired me to come out of retirement. Colleens hunger for knowledge, passion for excellence and openness to creativity are just some of the qualities that allow her to stand with some of the most experienced and accomplished dancers I’ve had the privileged to work with over the last 15 years. I wish her all the best in her new venture and am confident it will be a huge success. She is a force of nature. 

- Paul Warden~ WCS Pro



Colleen Thomas (p.k.a Daniels) managed to improve my dancing tremendously. Prior to her I had been dancing for nearly 5 months and by that point I wasn't satisfied with my level of performance on the dance floor. She is able to narrow down to the nitty gritty part of the underlying issues such as timing which not every instructor addresses or puts emphasis on in their classes. I never knew the importance of locking ones core and how improves your dance posture, and general look. Much great fun with Colleen and its been 1 1/2 years since my 1st private with her. Another point to highlight is she has an emphasis on  dance style and how it suits you and makes you feel confident to get onto the dance floor with your flare. Highly recommended. All joy and fun with her.

Ahmed 'Naque - 

Malaysia /Brighton (2018)

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