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Absolute beginners Welcome.  Crossbody style salsa lessons. No partner necessary. Fun, informative classes. Patient, encouraging, inspiring teaching

A little more about  learning with us!

For us here at Salsa Dance Central , dancing and teaching Salsa isn't just something we do:

 We love Salsa, we love dancing. We experience, see and love the positive effects it has on lives. 

 It has been researched many times and results show remarkable and measurable benefits to memory, fitness, heart, mental health and social life .

Years of training & social dancing + A wealth of teaching and performing experience spanning over many years (UK & internationally) went into building the Salsa Dance Central class syllabus.

TA syllabus designed so you get the very best from the classes , developing great techniques from your very 1st class with us. 

We understand that we learn better & remember more if we are having fun & enjoying ourselves. 

 Also its on Friday so you can shake  off the week & start the weekend smiling in style with Salsa.

 Throughout all level classes we teach good technique. We always aim to maintain consistency, and give personal attention.  

The classes are fun and informative in a safe environment with a lovely friendly atmosphere.

 Even the way in which the classes are delivered is to bring out the very best dancer in you while you are enjoying yourself, learning and meeting new people.

Level 1  Beginners

Learn the fundamental salsa steps with timing.

Partner holds.

Crossbody, alternating turns, tunnels

From beginners level  you are already learning that its more than just a set of steps and there is so much fun to be had whilst learning, dancing and meeting people.

Level 2 Improvers

Crossbody travelling turns. 

Copas, double turns, back to backs. 

Spin techniques

Now you have the basic steps under your belt you gets to work more on lead and follow techniques taking understanding and connection to the next level

Level 3 Intermediate      Incl' On1- On2 conversion             

Spins, turns. syncopation

Continuing your dance development with the added bonus of On2 conversion. 

The conversion is for the last part of the lesson. 

Delivered in an easy to follow,fun format which compliments what you've learnt whist deepening your understanding of salsa.

Let's talk about level 3

We definitely receive the most questions about the Level 3 class  so I  thought  we should answer som e questions here.


Q: Do I have to do the ON2 coversion part, I think it will be confusing

A:  Good technique is transferable.

 At level 3 we are  working with you to start dancing and thinking beyond numbers whilst being in time with the music. We don't force anyone to continue  but we encourage you not to give up at that point - we know you can do it. We know we can help you to.

Q: Why is level 3 a conversion class? 

A: What appears to hold many people back  People fear the unknown.

You've made it part way through (you've dealt with frustrations, and emotions but found reward) learning Salsa 

The hardest thing to do just as you are feeling a little more confident maybe even social dancing more is go back to the very beginning again. Some people stop learning ON1 to learn ON2 and never go back also vice versa.  With Level 3 as a conversion, you can have access to both through sound technique.

Q; Well nobody else is doing it. Why is that?

A: I can't speak for anyone but myself and can simply give the reason we've done this.

It's not a new concept, its been around for quite some time.

It's my observation that many dancers dance either ON1 or ON2

As this appears to be on the rise it limits who you can enjoy a dance with on your Salsa nights

I feel that I am fortunate & very lucky that I dance both and I can say yes to dances. The transition can be very smooth with good technique and it broadens your understanding of the music, dance and connection.

note: it is not to convince everyone to Dance On2 as opposed to On1 its simply giving you access to both. 

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Come along and join us for classes from 8pm  also includes the Salsa party after class

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Intro to Salsa Lesson


Come along and join us for a free intro to salsa class 7:30 pm

If you want you can continue your salsa dancing evening by joining the general classes from 8pm

  • For beginners only
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  • Have a go, no commitment

Salsa Dance Central      4 week membership  

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Great savings for you.                            Join classes from 8pm & the Salsa party after class.

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Colleen Daniels International Instructor, Performer, Choreographer - Founder of Salsa Dance Central

"I feel very fortunate to have spent many years teaching with and training alongside some of the very best. I've spent many years developing the teaching methods I use. I am really happy to have trained the Salsa Dance Central team in these methods  ".  Colleen Daniels- Salsa Dance Central

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