Fantastic Friday Salsa classes & party~Central London. 

An Excellent Quality Salsa Friday night. (+ Workshops) Learn great techniques from a professional and fun team. Absolute Beginners are very welcome  No Partner necessary  



Welcome to Salsa Dance Central 

Fun, Friendly, Fantastic FRIDAYS - Weekly Salsa classes and Social Dancing

Are you looking for something new and exciting?

...Or maybe you want to add another night of dancing to your Salsa diary?

Learn Salsa and Dance in a friendly environment with an excellent, dedicated, professional  teaching team.

Well structured Classes.

 Clear teaching methods 

+++++ Dedicated weekly sessions "Learn 2 Turn & Win with Spins"!!!!!!!!!

and it's great FUN. Come along and get your weekend off to a great start.

Every Friday

Only £7 pp for class and party

Doors open 7:30pm  

11pm -ish finish

 The 52 CLUB 

52 Gower Street, WC1E 6EB

(go through the arch and downstairs)

  We LOVE SALSA & there are just so many benefits to salsa dancing.

I'm thinking if you're still reading then you definitely have an interest, so come along !

Are you still thinking about it?...

Maybe you are a little shy?

Maybe you've never danced much, but you secretly want to give it a try?

Maybe you are waiting to get some friends to come along with you ?

Salsa is for everyone and our skilled team will put any nerves at ease.

 You can come alone, with a partner, family or friends. We even have a FREE intro to salsa class

V.I.B's  - Very Important Beginners


Future Salseros and Salseras

Why not sign up for a Free intro to Salsa Lesson on Fridays?

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Increase Physical fitness

LEARN/ Develop New Skills

Gain confidence



Be a part of the worldwide Salsa community

Good for Heart

Meet new people

Exercise memory

Level 1 -Beginners

No previous experience necessary ~ Learn/ master the basic steps& turns ~Learning timing in salsa music ~ Lead and follow in partnerwork ~ Setting a good solid Salsa dance foundation. 

Level 2 - Improvers

Building on from the good Solid level 1 foundation there is more fun to be had as your take your salsa to the next level. Turns ~Techniques ~Content rich and fun classes 

Level 3 - Intermediate 

On1- On2 Conversion

Practice the techniques you've learned. 

Advance your partner work technique and footwork with noteworthy moves

Dance with more style, flair and confidence

Did you know that FRIDAY is generally considered to be the best day of the week?

SALSA DANCE CENTRAL is here to make Friday night in central London evern better & also specialist workshops